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Stormlabs: the reliable partner for webshops, websites and online marketing

What do we do?

Websites & Webshops

Websites & Webshops

We build websites and webshops for everyone and for every budget. All our websites are responsive, mobile and easy to use. We take care of your domain name and web hosting. With our management contract, your site will remain in top condition. We make sure new customers find you, so you can focus on the rest.

Online marketing

Online marketing

Stormlabs helps you get a top score in Google. With SEO tools your content reaches its goal. We help set up targeted campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram or other platforms. And thanks to integration with our tools, you know exactly how your website is viewed and how you can get even more out of it.



We start where digital agencies stop. We integrate your website with your ERP system, mail campaign tool, Excel or payment provider so that everything runs smoothly. We can also be found for customization! Without good integrations you get lost in administrative hassle.

The stormlabs team

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Gert Vermeersch

Engineer - Tinkerer - Techy

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Nikki Brees

Digital Creative - Designer

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Pawsitive Vibes Manager

Frequently Asked Questions?

The development time for a website depends on the complexity and specifications of the project. A basic website can be ready in 2-4 weeks, while more complex sites with custom features can take longer.

We work with both new and existing websites. Whether you need a complete redevelopment or just a few tweaks, we’re here to help.

Absolute! We understand that a website needs constant attention and updates to remain effective. We offer various maintenance packages to ensure that your site remains up-to-date, secure and functional.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. During the design process, we built in multiple rounds of feedback to ensure that the final product meets your expectations. If you are not satisfied, we will work together to make the necessary adjustments.

The Stormlabs mission

Our customers are our partners: We provide them with high-quality and user-friendly websites and webshops. We assist them with advice and action and by implementing effective online marketing strategies we help our partners grow in what they are good at.

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4 months ago
Vefibel's website was in urgent need of an update, for which we also set specific requirements. Stormlabs met our questions and the result is impressive: clear, user-friendly and with a more modern look. Gert continues to assist us with advice and action and is easily accessible. We can only recommend Stormlabs!
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4 months ago
I had contacted stormlabs for a second opinion on my webshop. Thanks to them I have been able to make a number of adjustments that make the website a lot more user-friendly and well-arranged. They look for solutions and take the time to explain the operation properly (for non-connoisseurs like me). I am very satisfied with the service and the way of communication. Recommended!
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8 months ago
After comparing several website builders, Vintations started working with Stormlabs for the construction of its website/webshop and its monthly maintenance. We chose Stormlabs for the solid knowledge of WordPress and its plug-ins, which provides our site and shop with strong foundations and makes it ready for the further development of Vintations in the future. Nikki and Gert are very flexible in their availability to discuss and initiate matters, which means that we respond quickly. Are you looking for a website builder? Be sure to contact Stormlabs as well.
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4 months ago


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