Keep your website in top condition with our service contract

A WordPress website is not static. Even after delivery it is important to keep the software, plugins and themes up to date. In the first place to protect the website and data against malware, hackers and other threats, and secondly to continue to guarantee functionality in the future.

To avoid these surprises, we offer two types of maintenance and management. This ensures that your website remains in tip-top condition and that your visitors have the best and safe experience.

Maintenance of WordPress Website? - Is that really necessary?

Imagine your WordPress website is a new car. Just as a car needs regular maintenance to perform optimally and safely, so does your website. Without timely updates and regular maintenance, your website, like a neglected car, can experience various problems. It can become vulnerable to cyber-attacks, similar to leaving your car open in a dangerous place. Ignoring updates can mean missing out on new features and improvements. Your website’s performance can drop, similar to a car’s deteriorating mileage over time without proper care. Compatibility problems can arise, as can mismatched car parts that cause malfunctions. Bugs and errors can creep in just as minor unnoticed errors can escalate into significant car problems. In addition, your SEO ranking can take a hit, analogous to the diminished value of a car without regular maintenance. The clock is ticking – every moment you delay updating and maintaining your website, the risks increase.

Enable Stormlabs to maintain your WordPress website in top condition so that it runs smoothly, safely and efficiently, just like a well-maintained car.


WordPress is an open-source platform, and while this offers many benefits, it also makes the website vulnerable to hacker attacks. Regularly updating WordPress and its plugins and themes is one of the most effective ways to secure your website from malware and cyber-attacks.


Updates often include new features and improvements that can improve the functionality and user experience of your website. Keeping your WordPress website up to date ensures that you always have access to the latest and greatest features.


Updates often include optimizations that can improve your website’s performance, such as loading speeds. This can improve the user experience and even affect your search engine ranking.


New versions of WordPress can sometimes cause problems with older versions of themes and plugins, and vice versa. Keeping everything up to date reduces the risk of conflicts and ensures the smooth running of your website.

Bug fixes

Just like any other software product, WordPress can have bugs and errors. Updates usually contain bug fixes that resolve these issues, contributing to a smoother and safer user experience.


A well-maintained and updated website has a positive impact on your SEO. Search engines prefer sites that are safe, fast and up-to-date, which means regular maintenance can contribute to better search results.

Website service contract prices

What can you expect from us?

Performance & security + maintenance

With this contract, not only is your website kept up to date, but we also constantly monitor the website for security risks. We are also constantly working on the speed with which the website loads.
If necessary, we even upgrade the hosting environment to a more powerful version.
As icing on the cake, you will have the opportunity to make 4 changes per month. This can be about plugins, texts, layout...

100 / month

Standard maintenance

We use a high-performance hosting provider to host your website. Your website is professionally maintained and periodically updated. Plugins and themes are updated monthly, fixing minor functionality and layout issues.
With this contract your site remains safe and you can use the latest features in the various plugins.

50 / month