Keep your website in top condition

A WordPress website is not static. Even after delivery, it is important to keep the software, plugins and themes up to date. Firstly to continue to guarantee functionality in the future, secondly to protect the website and data against malware, hackers and other threats.

In order not to be faced with these surprises, we offer two types of maintenance contracts. This ensures that your website remains in tip-top condition and that your visitors have the best experience.

Standard maintenance

Your website is professionally maintained and updated periodically. Plugins and themes are updated monthly to fix minor functionality and layout issues. Ability to make minor adjustments.

€ 50 / month

Performance & Security

With this contract, your website is not only kept up to date, but we also constantly monitor the website for security risks. We are also constantly working on the speed at which the website loads.

€ 100 / month